Alexandra Stevenson

Educator and artist, Chicago, IL.

My paintings are inspired by ordinary views.  Some begin with the compacted architectural forms of urban life; others come from the natural world that pushes up through concrete or gets preserved by city dwellers who need an oasis.  Whether I'm standing on a train platform or riding my bike through a city forest preserve, something catches my eye and stays with me.  Usually it's a formal relationship between shapes and lines, colors and textures -- what I glimpse in a moment becomes what I see in my mind's eye and then shifts again in the studio, as soon as I put paint on a canvas. Because paintings have a life and language of their own, painting is a negotiation.  The paint and I go back and forth, with all the push and pull of any negotiation, until a composition feels confident and speaks to my initial inspiration or offers and entirely new vision.  


1981-1985 -- Art and English (honors) University of Iowa

1985-1987 -- MAT University of Iowa


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